Improve in 2013 without changing technique!

There are a number of ways we can improve our ability to play better golf without changing how we swing a golf club.  There is often too much emphasis in golf to have a ‘nice looking swing’ and to hit good shots all the time.  

The best thing you can do is change your attitude and mental approach to golf, accept that you are going to hit bad shots.  It often entertains me how an 18 handicapper who plays a few times a week can hit a bad shot and then proceed to berate themselves, throw clubs, break shafts e.t.c.  and then you have a tour professional who plays for a living at the highest level, practices most days playing every week; they hit a bad shot and the majority of them (not all of them!) show little emotion or reaction.  Even those that do react to a poor shot have composed themselves by the next stroke and forgotten all about it.  Before you start your next round accept that you are going to hit bad shots and focus on enjoying the game instead.  As the famous golf guru Bob Rotella states ‘Golf is a game of bad shots’  its learning to deal with them that will help to move your game on to another level.  Change your aim and focus away from score and make it your aim to simply enjoy the game, no matter what may happen.  If you can do this, the scores will follow.

Another way you can improve your chances of playing your best golf is by simply controlling your body language.  Many of us watch the golf on TV, its hard to miss it there is so much of it, and we can all recognise the golfer who is playing well and the golfer who is playing poorly.  The guy who is having a bad day is walking behind, head down shoulders slumped and the guy who is playing well is walking in front he has his head up and chest out, he cannot wait to hit the next shot.  Pay attention to how you carry yourself on the golf course, your body language has a huge influence on your emotions.  If you can influence and create positive emotions this too will go some way to helping you play your best golf.

These are just two small areas of the game that can have a big affect on the scores you produce.  Next time your out playing golf pay attention to how your thinking, reacting and carrying yourself on the course, it could help you to make 2013 your best year yet.

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