About Stephen Gordon

Stephen is based at the home of the NI Open, the fabulous Galgorm Castle Golf Club in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

With over 15 years experience of teaching beginners, Juniors, Amateurs and Professionals I specialise in helping all levels of golfers to set their goals  and working together to reach them.  It’s tough reaching goals alone and that’s why no matter what your level I’m here to help and guide you to be the best you can be.

Development programmes are the real way to get major game improvement. They will give you a better understanding of your game, how to practice, and most importantly get results with regular contact along the journey from a coach that cares.

Long term coaching works.  The more often we work with you, the greater impact we can have on your golf game.

If you want to reduce your handicap, win competitions, “be consistent” or just make the game fun again by striking the ball better, then we have a coaching program that fits your goals.

Call today and we can talk about your plans for 2020.

Hear what some of my clients have said about their experiences in long term coaching programs:

Nial Kearns, Professional Golfer:

‘I started working with my coach Stephen Gordon in late 2015 when I began harbouring thoughts of trying to once again compete on the various satellite professional golf tours after a near three year hiatus from competitive golf.  Since then Stephen has formulated an improvement plan to help me build a golf swing that will stand up to tournament pressures.   I found his coaching style both easy to implement & put in practice, but also fun to engage in as he regularly makes me aware that golf is there to be enjoyed.  Stephen has a great technology in his “TrackMan” launch monitor which is great to look at on occasion for the more complicated physics of a golf shot & ball flight, but luckily for me he has the knowledge & experience to explain the trackmans numbers in easier understood words.  I look forward to continuing my work with Stephen throughout my full scheduled 25 event 2018 season & many seasons beyond.

Vivien Lowdon, 33 Handicapper:

‘Three and a half years since my first introduction to Golf it would be fair to say I am somewhat obsessed with the Game.  This is due in no small part to Stephen Gordon whose teaching methods and enthusiasm have encouraged me to play with a positive mental attitude and believe in myself as a player. He is the go to guy when I’m struggling with any part of my game or I want to learn something a bit more technical.  I have enjoyed his shot game courses and his one to one lessons on chipping and driving which are now much improved.  Stephen is a relaxed, friendly and supportive Professional who I would recommend highly.’

Shane McCullough, 12 Handicapper:

‘I’ve had a number of lessons with Stephen, including long game, short game and playing lessons.  I feel he has definitely improved my understanding of key fundamentals and basically taught me much better technique and approach to the game.  Lessons are always very enjoyable and focused- never too much information but excellent ideas and practices to bring about improvements.  I would thoroughly recommend Stephen to anyone who is serious about getting the best out of their golf game.’

Jonny Stewart, 13 Handicapper:

I Have now completed a few packages with Stephen focusing on different aspects of my game.  I have always found him to have a very supportive manner and real keeness to help me improve my golf game, which makes the lessons very enjoyable. Stephen has been very professional in his ability to explain clearly and concisely the techniques needed to correct issues with my swing and particular shots that i have struggled with on the course.  Stephen has also coached my son, a junior, and i would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their game or just starting to play.

Stephen worked at Holywood GC, the K Club, Reunion Resort, Orlando and Bangor Golf Club before moving to Galgorm Castle. Stephen cut his coaching teeth under the tutelage of Rory McIlroys long time coach, Michael Bannon, igniting his passion for coaching. Stephen coaches using the latest technology in Trackman, high speed video analysis and lesson summary software to help golfers of all ages and abilities. Stephen has spent time with other great coaches of the game and attended seminars delivered by Pete Cowan, Chuck Cook, Dave Pelz, David Orr, Andrew Rice, Martin Chuck, Sean Foley, Chris Como, Scott Cowx and many more. Stephen has a real passion for coaching and can help take your game to the next level.

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