Control your club face

Control of your clubface is key!
To hit more consistent golf shots you have to develop a greater control of your clubface and understand the relationship between YOUR clubface and YOUR club path.  

Golfers are much more consistent in their delivery of club path than clubface, however most are unaware of what their path actually is. 
Many times i have given a lesson to someone who arrives complaining of a horrible over the top action only for them to discover after ten minutes that they actually deliver the club from the inside on every single swing. Their bad shot to the left, the ‘horrible over the top action’ actually stems from a closed club face at impact. 
The club face has the biggest influence on the initial starting direction of any golf shot and the lower the loft the greater that influence becomes.
If you look at the dispersion on the photo below, the white dots are the first group of shots and the player could miss 30 yards either side of the target. After establishing what his club path was and performing a short task to develop awareness of the clubface we see the 2nd group of shots in the blue dots narrow the dispersion a little. Its only when we finally discuss how the player needs to deliver the face looking left of target to have the ball finish on target, we see the dispersion in the final group of yellow shots tighten up and his bad shot becomes much better.
If your looking for more consistency in your game try and develop your awareness of your clubface as it arrives at impact. ‘How do i do that?’ I hear you say. Keep an eye out for my next video!