Become A Champion Golfer!



The Perfect Gift for your budding junior golfer!

This is a program I have designed to help juniors understand what it takes to become a successful golfer and show them how they can achieve their potential.   We will cover the mental side of the game, long game, short game, scoring, how to shape the ball, course management and most importantly how to practice effectively.  Along the way each student will face skills tests to monitor progress and pinpoint any areas of weakness.  They will receive video analysis, 3D swing analysis and a personalised practice schedule.  I have created this program to closely replicate what other juniors on provincial panels would receive when they head for Greenmount with the GUI. 
There will be 3 different groups for this program based on handicap, you will see the dates and times below and spaces will be limited to 10 juniors per group.  The cost of this program will be £120.00 for members and £150.00 for visitors and will involve 12 hours of coaching. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. 
This program is going to commence in February and finish to coincide with the start of the golf season so that these kids will be ready to get out there and perform.  I’m really hoping to inspire some kids to come out of this group and contend for titles and bring more silverware to the club.  Please note there are only 10 spaces left, book now to avoid disappointment.


Handicap 0-16            Handicap 17-28          Handicap 28+
01/02/15 10am-12pm     12.30pm-2.30pm           3pm-5pm
22/02/15 10am-12pm      12.30pm-2.30pm          3pm-5pm
15/03/15 10am-12pm      12.30pm-2.30pm          3pm-5pm
05/04/15 10am-12pm      12.30pm-2.30pm          3pm-5pm
26/04/15 10am-12pm      12.30pm-2.30pm          3pm-5pm
17/05/15 10am-12pm      12.30pm-2.30pm          3pm-5pm
Session one- PUTTING: Learn what it takes to become a good putter and measure your performance      
Session two- CHIPPING: The art of chipping, controlling trajectory and having a variety of shots to call on
Session three- PITCHING:  Superb wedgeplay, understand your wedge and master it
Session four- BUNKERS: What it takes to become a bunker wizard, and have no fear of bunkers
Session five- IRON PLAY: Improve your impact, learn to shape the ball and control your trajectory
Session six- DRIVER: Learn how to maximise your distance off the tee and create more birdies