Being prepared for Winter Golf!


Some top tips to cope with the Winter elements that will be thrown your way!

1- Invest in some quality golf specific thermals.  It used to be that golfers went out wearing big bulky sweaters and coats on top, making it difficult to retain some essence of a swing.  The old saying ‘cant play with five layers on, cant play without them on’ would apply.  Nowadays many golf companies produce their own thermals, thin base layers that retain the heat of your body really well.  They are also designed to be flexible in the right areas allowing you to keep that freedom in your swing whilst they remain taught to your body.  i would encourage you to seriously consider investing in a top and leggings, you will thank me for doing so!  Some extra thick golf socks are also necessary!

2- Wear Mitts or Winter gloves. Keeping you hands warm is essential for those shots around the green, allowing you to retain some sort of feel for distance and the actual club in your hands.  I always like to buy a couple of handwarmers and stuff them into the gloves for extra warmth! Nothing worse than a thin shot on a cold winters day if your hands are freezing!

3-Putting on Temporary Greens.  When the greens staff move your flags onto temporary greens you have to also  adjust your mentality.  The first thing that you should remember is that the conditions are the same for everyone, you have to believe that you are going to deal with it better than most.  In terms of technique you should be a little more aggressive with your putts.  The longer grass will slow the pace and you must expect a few putts to take unexpected turns, by being a little firmer you will hopefully improve your putts chances of staying on line.  Play for less break and be a bit more aggressive and you should hole a few extra putts.

Generally speaking we should look at the Winter in these parts as an opportunity to work on adding a little technique to your style and to keep playing when others put the clubs away.  Hopefully by doing so you will be ready to go when the new season Arrives in April!

Failing all of the above just move abroad for the winter period and enjoy a bit more heat not having to worry about this kind of preparation!