Good Putting Starts in the mind

I have always felt that I putt at my best when I stand over the ball and in my mind I have the mental thought that I have already holed the putt; all that is left to do is to make the stroke.  I have always visualised the ball rolling along my intended line and see it falling into the hole, that is a part of my routine.  But I always putt at my best when my mental approach is such that I have already put the ball in the hole in my head and I only have to make decent contact with the ball. Continue reading “Good Putting Starts in the mind”

The Hero Shot, lets address it

paddyIt was Captains day on Saturday and during the morning I got to run around in the refreshments cart selling a few drinks to the members and shouting abuse at many more ;-).  In between all this I was able to watch and observe many of the competitors playing and the number of shots that could have been saved from poor shot selection alone surprised me.  Many were playing a lob/sand wedge round the green when the easier shot was the putter or rescue club, somebody hitting a driver down a hole that only gets tighter and tighter the further down the fairway it travels and somebody trying to play a bump and run from the hay!

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