Season in Full Swing!

Two Majors Down

Its been a while since I managed to sit down and post something on here between giving lessons, fixing clubs and spending time with my family.  The season is well and truly in full swing, we have seen the first two majors of the year contested for and won by two of the nicest guys in Golf.  So what can we learn from them? Both Adam Scott and Justin Rose have come through great mental challenges to become Major champions.  Firstly Rose missed 21 consecutive cuts when he first turned professional, it would have been so easy to pack it in, to say ‘well I gave it a go’.  However he maintained his self belief, kept working hard and today sits at number 3 in the world and a major winner too.  Similarities could be struck for those times when your hitting the ball really well but not shooting the numbers.  Its important to not get down on yourself, to keep faith that the good shots will be rewarded and to put the previous scores behind you.  If you are putting in the practice and shooting good numbers through the week then relax and trust that you will be able to repeat it in competition.

Adam Scott was able to bounce back from the horror collapse he had at the Open in 2012 and win the Masters in a playoff in April this year.  He was able to look back at what happened that day, learn from it and then put it behind him.  We all have that one hole at our course which somehow always manages to blot our scorecard.  Every time we arrive onto that tee box we are bombarded with negative memories and a catalogue of poor shots.  Instead you should have a strategy for that particular hole, perhaps choosing a club that will make it much easier to keep the ball in play.  Maintain a positive frame of mind and remember only the good shots that have been hit there.

It takes great mental strength and belief to win at the very pinnacle of the game, to become a better amateur sometimes it just takes a more positive attitude.  Too often I have coached people who before they have even struck a golf ball in front of me have painted a picture of the worst golfer to ever walk the fairways.  You wouldn’t tolerate someone else describing your golf as such so why should it be acceptable to speak to yourself in such a way!

Ulster Golf Strikes another Blow

Would just like to congratulate Cormac Sharvin of Ardglass golf club on a fantastic win in the Irish Amateur Close Championship.  I think i’m right in saying that Cormac has only been playing golf for a realtively short period of time, something like 5 or 6 years, and to win a major event like this is nothing short of fantastic.